Tondo curated by Titanilla Eisenhart

Art show on July 30-Aug 27
in Himmelberg, Austria

Sausage Seller

She sells salamis from the sausage cellar.

Kehinde Wiley at Venice Biennale

Colossal statues.

Yves Klein at Venice Biennale

'On Fire' reflection

Back to Venice after 30 months

Slava Ukraini

There goes the neighborhood

"The tire slasher is a stalker from Avesa" (I checked his street address. He's from Quinzano).

Citizen’s Arrest!

First pic with the new iPhone which be will be promptly forwarded to the Grammar Police.

Snowed up in Goochland

I got the power generator blues.

Date of Birth

A photo from a birthday party that wasn't mine.

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