Similarities with the Bavarian Flag

Sassy sheep

Il Mulino dei Veraghi, Molina (VR)

Steve Ingham, birthday boy

with inadvertently matching gifts (hat and sweater).

Infinity mirror with Campari.

Café Martél

Our flag was still there

We took it as a sign. #joebiden #kamalaharris #markwarner #abigailspanberger

La voglia del mare

The beach feeling lingers

Space Invader invaded Ravenna.

We drove to see the mosaics in Ravenna


Unsuspecting dog. Suspicious cat.

Le ville venete

Villa Pojana, Andrea Palladio, ca. 1563.

Cherry Season

Hey birds, save us some cherries!

Prima della Quaresima

Will we spend the Quaresima in quarantine?

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