Strega Series

varying dimensions

Milano Design Week 2017
Wunderkammer, Seletti, and the Yoox Group
Piazza Castello, Milan, italy
April 2017

As part of our ongoing collaboration with architect Roberto Leone and his associazione culturale, Wunderkammer, we participated in Design Pride, an event connected to Design Week in Milan. Wunderkammer collaborated with the Italian design company, Seletti, and online retail giant, Yoox, to stage a design demonstration, complete with rolling DJ’s, uniformed marchers, and individualized ‘backpacks’ which were made from recycled plastic beer kegs (Roberto’s concept).

Lawren had the idea to create a kind of witchy wire sculpture with the rusty fencing we’ve been collecting. I got to dress up and carry a sign saying that “I’m a designer”, which is actually not true, strictly speaking, but it was all good fun. Bobby Donne came along too, in his first trip to the big city.