Steve has won first place in the national “Premio Casarini” Competition, sponsored by the Hotel Due Torri in Verona. The artist, Pino Casarini, a legendary Veronese figure from the last century, is the author of a cycle of circus-themed murals located in the ballroom of the hotel (painted in 1958).

As part of the prize, Steve will be asked to paint a wall panel based on the winning proposal in one of the hotel corridors. Congrats also to 2nd and 3rd place winners Daniele Vanzo and Giacomo Segantin.

Statement from the Premio Casarini jury:
Primo Classificato (First Prize), Stephen Ingham

Il lavoro centra in maniera scorrevole e convincente non solo lo spirito evocativo del teatro e del circo ma anche la tecnica pittorica riscontrabile in numerose inquadrature di opere Casarini (presenti anche nell’Arena Casarini dell’Hotel Due Torri), fonte di ispirazione per questo concorso.

The work smoothly and convincingly evokes not only the spirit of the theater and the circus, but also the painting technique found in works by Casarini present in the Hotel Due Torri, a source of inspiration for this competition.