Open Hands

approx. 115cm x 85cm each,
tempera on plaster wall

Casarini Competition
Hotel Due Torri – Verona, Italy
October 2016

Casarini Competition - Steve Ingham

I was fortunate enough to be chosen as the first winner of the Casarini Competition, sponsored by the five-star Hotel Due Torri which is located in the old town center of Verona. The prize is dedicated to Pino Casarini (1892-1972), a wonderful Veronese painter who graduated from the Cignaroli Academy of Fine Arts  where I’ll be getting my degree in February, and whose frescoes grace the walls of the historic hotel. Along with the prize money, I was asked to paint two panels in a room which has been dedicated to the artist. Subsequent winners of the competition will add their work to the remaining spaces. The best part was going to the hotel after hours and creating my work on site. The opening was great too; they even had me play guitar. Nice to think you left a little mark on the city you call home.