Tanguy Houseplants

180cm x 180cm, graphite on paper

Codice Italia Academy
a cura di Vincenzo Trione

Codice Italia – Padiglione Italia
Biennale Arte 2015
Palazzo Grimani – Venice, Italy
November 2015

Great experience seeing my piece exhibited along with those of 49 other art students from all over Italia in the historic Palazzo Grimani. Dreamy to be actually participating in the fabled Venice Biennial, but of course this is a first step. The hanging period stretched over two long days where we were mostly waiting around. For whatever reason, the pittura kids were the last to hang. There were some small hitches like always, but in the end ‘done is beautiful’ as my Mother always said. Lawren came up the morning of the show (I slept alone in dear old Adua Hotel near the Cannaregio) and made everything make sense.